Slices of select Ibérico dry-cured ham, a half dozen live clams or warm spider crab pie: every self-respecting gathering should be honoured with starters that rise to the occasion. That is why Botafumeiro welcomes you with a selection of cold and warm starters to whet your appetite while the kitchen is set in motion.

‘Botafumeiro Selection’ Seafood

When the raw material is arguably the best on the market, the only thing a chef need do is respect the product, using the right amount of heat and seasoning to arouse all its flavour and aroma when served.’

Moncho Neira, chef and owner of Botafumeiro

Each piece of ‘Botafumeiro Selection’ Seafood has been selected onsite at the busiest fish auctions on the Galician and Catalan coasts. Savour Botafumeiro-style Spiny-lobster or grilled Palamós shrims, or celebrate in company all the colour and richness of our mixed seafood platters and seafood stews.

Rice dishes and wild fish

At Botafumeiro, we know the sea well, which is why we only serve products that are in season. A portion or an entire piece, oven-roasted or grilled over an oak charcoal flame, our wild fish is among the top delicacies on the menu.

Botafumeiro also devotes part of its kitchen to create rice dishes following in the Mediterranean tradition: soupy rice with lobster, seafood paella or squid-ink rice with baby calamari.

Our meats

Meat lovers will also find their place on our menu. Galician Blond porterhouse steak –grass-fed cattle bred and raised following traditional methods on our own ranch in Galicia– or fire-grilled suckling kid round out Botafumeiro’s selection of main courses.


The final offering is for those with a sweet tooth. Tarta de Santiago almond cake, flambéed Tatin, crêpes Suzette prepared in front of the customer or our famous soufflé are just some of the classics awaiting diners to complete our culinary delights.

Wines and spirits

Select Albariño, Ribeiro, Somontano and Penedés wines from the best harvests and varieties.

And to relax around the table, a selection of white and aged spirits and digestifs.

From Monday to Sunday luch service: 1 pm to 3:30 pm 

Delivery all day.